To write a 1,000-word speech about the Chinese Children's Day Primary School host, you need 4 versions of the host's speech.
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Moderator 1: Dear teachers, parents and students, Today, we gather to celebrate Children's Day in China. This day commemorates the resolution on the protection of the rights and interests of minors adopted by the Children's Congress held in Beijing, China on April 4, 1949, aiming to protect and promote children's rights and provide a healthy and happy environment for children to grow up. As a light of hope for the future, we should cherish what we have today and be grateful to all the teachers, parents, relatives and friends around us who silently support us. Thanking them for their selfless dedication is the strength behind our little growth. At the same time, we must also realize that happiness does not mean indulgence and addiction, and we should follow the bottom line of morality, stay away from bad information, and maintain good study and living habits while being healthy and happy. Only in this way can we have a fuller, healthier and happier future. Finally, let us work together on this day full of joy and blessing to wish all children a healthy growth and a happy life. Thank you all! Moderator 2: Dear teachers, parents and students, Today is Children's Day, which is a very important holiday for our children. On this special day, let us celebrate our childhood and growth together, remember the great representatives and pioneers of children, and feel the deep love of our country for children. We should cherish our childhood, study hard, and enrich our knowledge. We must consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the school and the requirements of parents, and be a law-abiding child. At the same time, in this special period, we must also work with our families to protect against the new crown epidemic, pay attention to hygiene, maintain social distance, and protect the health and safety of ourselves and our families. Finally, let us express our gratitude to all the teachers and parents who care, support and help us grow, and wish all children healthy, happy, thriving and become the mainstay of the future of the motherland. Thank you! Moderator 3: Dear teachers, parents and students, Today is Children's Day in China, and we know from childhood that this is a holiday that belongs to us, a special day that belongs to children. But these aren't just days of fun and play, we also need to think and act to contribute to our future. As children in the new era, we must establish ourselves with courageous and progressive faith and firm goals in life. No matter what challenges we face, we must move forward bravely and never say die. Believe in yourself, believe in the motherland, seize the opportunity, and keep moving forward. At the same time, we should also pay attention to those children who do not receive the attention and support they deserve, actively participate in public welfare activities, donate money to help education, visit the lonely elderly, explain traffic safety, etc., so that our small contributions can add a bright color to their growth. Finally, let us be grateful to all the teachers, parents, relatives and friends around us who care, support and help us grow, and wish all our children to grow up healthily, learn happily, and thrive into patriotic, inspirational, innovative and responsible teenagers in the new era. Thank you! Moderator 4: Dear teachers, parents and students, Today is our favorite holiday - Children's Day, and our children feel the love and care of us on this day. Children's Day is a day to celebrate childhood, and we are happier and more uninhibited than ever. Let us celebrate this beautiful day together with laughter and innocence. Let's applaud our growth and why great child representatives and pioneers salute us. Let's break the noise, listen to our inner voice, reflect on ourselves, and move on. At the same time, we must also be aware that our small actions can have a significant impact on the ecological environment and society. We should start small, protect the environment, save energy, cultivate good living habits and civilized behavior, and contribute to a better planet. Finally, let us be grateful to the selfless teachers, parents, relatives and friends around us, and do their best to support and care for us, and also wish the children to continue to maintain our childlike hearts and curiosity, full of wisdom, creativity and emotions, and become builders and contributors of a beautiful and prosperous future in the future on the road of life. Thank you!
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