Complete a comment written by the teacher to the students to finalize the thesis entitled "Design of Beijing Jinghuansheng Library in the Context of Sustainable Development", which requires mixed reviews and disadvantages, and does not appear that the paper is very good, such a word, about 150 words, and the above one should not be too similar
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Students, your paper on the design of Beijing Jinghuansheng Library in the context of sustainable development involves rich content and fluent language. You have fully elaborated on the concept of sustainable development and Beijing's environmental protection policy, as well as the design plan of Jinghuan Sheng Library. However, your planning for the structure of your paper needs to be further strengthened. It is recommended to gradually unfold according to the theme, purpose, method, results and conclusions of the paper, and make it more organized. In the discussion of the design plan, the specific design details need to be further developed to better show the superiority and feasibility of the scheme. Finally, do not forget to focus on sustainability and environmental protection, focusing on the sustainable management plan of Jinghuan Sheng Library under the Beijing environmental protection policy. I hope that in your future research, you can continue to work hard to expand the depth and breadth of reading, think about problems from multiple angles, tolerate and absorb different inspirations, and strive to innovate better solutions.
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