Shijiazhuang Xiangyun International Hotel Shijiazhuang Xiangyun International Hotel can be said to be born with a golden spoon, in the business plan, he covers an area of 1800 acres, a very characteristic theme park, characteristic business, star luxury hotel, high-end business office, tourism exhibition, leisure and entertainment, ecological residence as one of the characteristic tourism city complex, at the beginning of the construction, it was called the Venice of the East, which backfired. In the process of implementation, this project has a number of illegal land occupation, illegal construction, illegal fundraising and other problems. In September 2014, Li, the former chairman of Hebei Federal Group, and seven other high-ranking cadres were detained in accordance with the law, and the project fell into a state of long-term suspension due to the rupture of the capital chain, which left almost all creditors without return, and the houses expected to be delivered became far away. The total damage to the incident was about $2.4 billion, and more than 5,000 victims were involved. But right in. Last year, the project took a turn for the better. It is reported that the residential and commercial parts of Xiangyun International have begun to resume work, and the interior of the building is no longer allowed to enter and exit at will. Not only the surrounding residents are full of expectations for the rebirth of Xiangyun International, but the outside world is also paying more attention to the fate of this key project in Shijiazhuang. This expands by 400 words
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Shijiazhuang Xiangyun International Hotel is a comprehensive tourism city with grand planning, but it involved a number of illegal acts during the construction process, resulting in forced construction stoppages. The incident caused billions of dollars in losses and severe manipulation by thousands of people, and also seriously affected the economy and image of the Shijiazhuang area. However, the residential and commercial parts of the project have recently started to resume work, which means that there is a potential for a new opportunity for the project. The news has attracted a lot of attention from the surrounding residents and the outside world, and many people are looking forward to the future of this project. For the Xiangyun International Hotel project, the restart work needs to solve many problems. For example, construction companies need to ensure that they find legal investment channels, repeatedly review plan documents, and reapply for approval documents. In addition, the construction unit must solve the construction problems of the old project, restart the project and realize the construction process. The rebirth of this project is an opportunity to revive the economy in Shijiazhuang and surrounding cities, which will have a positive impact on the growth of tourism and housing businesses in the region. Therefore, the government and project owners need to take effective measures to ensure the smooth implementation of the project and avoid the recurrence of similar failures.
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