When employees put forward a salary increase demand of "the salary is too low, I can't afford to eat", as an enterprise with serious losses and about to go bankrupt, how to reply seriously, the tone of reply should be sincere, and it can impress employees!
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As a company that is losing a lot and about to go bankrupt, you need to be honest and sincere when responding to employee requests for salary increases. The following is an example of a possible response: Dear Staff, First of all, we really appreciate your loyalty and attention to the company. We know that you, like the rest of our employees, are working tirelessly for the future and growth of the company. However, we have to face the difficulties and challenges that the company is currently experiencing. In fact, our company is currently in trouble. Due to the fierce competition in the market and the unstable global economic situation, our business performance has been significantly different from expectations, and the problem of losses has become more and more serious. We need to reflect and take proactive steps to improve the company's situation. Of course, we deeply understand the exhaustion and hardship of every employee, including the salary increase you mentioned. However, with the current state of the company, we need to strike a balance between ensuring the survival and growth of the company. We are doing our best to control costs and find new business opportunities so that the company can get back on track in the future. We also look forward to working with you and other employees in the future of the company. During this difficult time, we hope that you will understand our situation and take on the challenges with us. Please continue to work hard, we are sure that your efforts and contributions will contribute to the success of the company. Heartfelt thanks, Company leaders
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