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How do I access my past invoice?

Click on Invoice history to access your past invoice.

What version of ChatGPT do you support?

We are currently using ChatGPT 3.5 API. We also support ChatGPT 4.0 at limited capacity.

Why is ChatGPT 4.0 so expensive?

ChatGPT 4.0 API is 60X more expensive than ChatGPT 3.5 API. It is also only available at limited capacity. We have to set the price high in order to pay for the ChatGPT API cost as well as our hosting cost. If cost is an issue, please use ChatGPT v3.5. It is almost as good as ChatGPT v4.0 but significantly cheaper.

What is the difference between PromptsZone and ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. You can use it for free at PromptsZone provides a large collection of prompts that can be used to talk to ChatGPT. You can directly try out those prompts and talk to ChatGPT on PromptsZone.

Is PromptsZone free to use?

You can use PromptsZone to talk to ChatGPT up to 12 times. After that you will need to wait a few hours before using it again. Subscribing to PromptsZone Pro will allow you to have unlimited conversation with ChatGPT directly on PromptsZone.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our Pro subscription, please reach out to us at within 3 days for a full refund. After 3 days, we may still offer partial / full refund for legitimate reasons.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel the Pro subscription at any time. When you cancel the subscription, you will still have access to the Pro subscription until the end of the billing period. If you accidentally subscribed to Pro and is not satisfied with our service, please email us at within 7 days to cancel Pro subscription with a full refund.

How is PromptsZone related to ModHeader?

PromptsZone is a product made by ModHeader LLC. It operates as a separate service. Subscribing to PromptsZone Pro does not give you access to ModHeader Pro and vice versa.